"Bells" Cover art


"Bells" Cover art

"Bells" is an album that was made by Sonny "John" Moore in 2007. It was never released because Atlantic Records decided against at the last minute. Sonny handed out copies at events which were converted to MP3, and many copies now reside on various file sharing sites.

Although no official statement has been given concerning the album, Moore has been mentioned in interviews and at events saying Bells can no longer be released.

When Atlantic Records Canceled the release of "Bells," Sonny made a few copies of the album on discs that he would hand out at his live gigs, all of which would have a special unique drawing Moore had made himself. Many of these have been converted to MP3, and Sonny later put many songs that were on "Bells" on his Myspace, but were removed when he took the name Skrillex.


"Bells" Cover Art

The first and most commonly known one is Taken as Two Birds. Because of their over all look, they are most likely Birds. The second can be taken as a tree or another object that does not move, nor live. The third is a large sharp teeth animal. With a smaller animal (such as a frog) on its neck, with the word "Bells" growing out of it.


- Mora

- Copaface Remix

- Moss

- I Know Where You Are

- Cusp (Electronic Mix)

- Signal

- Glow Worm #2

- Concentrical

- Copaface

- Equinox (Instrumental)

- Signal (Acoustic)

- Mortl

- Glow Worm

- Nodlove

- Se7en Bells

- Mora #2

- Concentrical (Acoustic)

- Equinox

- Bells

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