"Gypsyhook" is the first solo release by Sonny Moore, who would later use the alias Skrillex for future releases. It was available for digital download on MySpace on December 12th, 2008. It originally contained 3 tracks, "Gypsyhook" "Mora" and "Copaface2". The songs contained samples of tracks that Moore worked on but never actually released.

History and ProductionEdit

It was recorded in the summer of 2008 and was released on April 7, 2009. On December 12, 2008, Moore posted the track listing on his MySpace page. The EP features three songs, two of which he has posted demos for, and four remixes. "海水" (Ocean Water) is a Japanese version of "Mora". "Gypsyhook" contains samples of a previously recorded instrumental track, entitled "Look Over at That", "Copaface2" contains samples of "Float It", and "Mora" contains samples of "I Know Who You Are".


"Mora" contained the "You can eat shit and fucking die!" sample from his first drum & bass track "I Know Who You Are", while "Copaface2" contained samples of "Float it", a demo posted on Moore's MySpace. "Gypsyhook" contained samples of the more popular track, "Look Over at that" or "JAX1" as the file that Moore posted says.

Track ListEdit

- Gypsyhook

- Mora

- Copaface2

- Gypsyhook VS. DMNDAYS

- Mora Vs. Toxic Avenger

- Mora VS. LAZRtag

- Copaface2 VS. Dan Sena

- Kai Sui

- Mora (iTunes Music Video)