My Name Is Skrillex - EP 3
My Name Is Skrillex is the first EP by electronic music producer Skrillex. The EP was self-released for free on Skrillex's Myspace page on June 7, 2010. The link can now be found on his Facebook page.


Track Length Beats Per Minute Genre
My Name is Skrillex 4:32 128 BPM Electro House
WEEKENDS!!! (Ft. Sirah) 4:45 120 BPM Electro House
Fucking Die 1 3:50 100 BPM Electro House
Fucking Die (€€ Cooper Remix) 5:37 128 BPM Progressive House
Do Da Oliphant 3:27 140 BPM Dubstep
With You, Friends 6:22 128 BPM Electro House
"My Name Is Skrillex" EP Video Teaser01:23

"My Name Is Skrillex" EP Video Teaser

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