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Sonny John Moore (born January 15 1988), professionally referred to by a stage name, "Skrillex" is a big-name American electro house/dubstep producer from LA, California. Skrillex is a former figurehead for the Screamo band "From First to Last". In late fall of 2007, he began his first tour as a solo artist, the Team Sleep Tour with Team Sleep, Strata, and Monster in the Machine. Once recruiting a brand new band lineup, Moore toured North America on the alternative Press Tour, supporting bands like All Time Low and also the Rocket Summer, and appeared on the duvet of Alternative Press annual 100 Bands you need to Know issue.

In June 2008, Moore went into recording for his debut album, titled Bells, abroad with his producer, Noah Shain. He released Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites EP as a co-release among mau5trap and Big Beat record labels, and runs an imprint label known as OWSLA, named after a corporation within the book, 'Water Ship Down'.


From First to Last (2004–2007)Edit

Moore was born in the Highland Park neighborhood of Northeast Los Angeles, but moved to the Forest Hill neighborhood of San Francisco at the age of 2, where he attended elemetary school. In 2004, Moore contacted Matt Good of From First to Last about playing guitar for the band on their debut album. After flying out to Georgia, Moore was heard singing by three studio producers, Derrick Thomas, Eric Dale, and McHale Butler, and was then made lead singer, with Good playing guitar. In June 2004, Epitaph Recordsreleased the band's first full-length record with their new bandmate, Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count. After performing on several successful tours, two being the Vans Warped Tour and Dead by Dawn tour, they began recording their second album, Heroine with producer Ross Robinson. The album was released in March 2006 on Epitaph. With high record sales once again, the band found themselves part of many successful tours, until Moore started suffering vocal problems, causing the band to resign from several tours. After going through a successful surgical procedure, Moore informed the band he would be permanently resigning to work on a solo career. FFTL's last show performed with Moore was in their hometown of Orlando at The House of Blues while touring with Atreyu.

Early solo career (2007–2010)Edit


Moore later started recording his own music and singing, releasing demos under his own name on MySpace, including "Equinox", "Glow Worm" and "Signal". In February 2008, he went on tour as part of the second annual Alternative Press tour, with almost all of the shows being sell-outs. Previously known as Twipz, Moore then began producing and DJing in the clubs of Los Angeles as Skrillex. On April 7, 2009, Moore released the Gypsyhook EP, with three songs and four remixes. He later started work on the "Bells" album, but it was never released. Later in 2009, Skrillex created several other miscellaneous songs, apparently for an EP named "Gost".

On June 7, 2010, Skrillex self-released his "My Name is Skrillex" EP on his MySpace (the EP is now available for download from his Facebook page). This included five songs ("My Name is Skrillex", "WEEKENDS!!!", "F**king Die 1", "Do Da Oliphant" and "With You, Friends") and two remixes ("F**king Die 2 [€€ Cooper Mix]" and "My Name is Skrillex [Skrillex Remix]".

Extended plays (2010-2012) Edit

Under construction!

Trivia Edit

  • Skrillex claimed three awards at the 55th Annual Grammys in Germany.
  • Skrillex has won the most gramophones for EDM at the 2013 Grammys.

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