2004 Edit

Follow Me (Acoustic)

2005 Edit

As Sonny :

Hott New Track

Theta Sonsiq Arpeggio

2006 Edit


As DJ Skrillex:

Aphex Twin - Flim (Remix)

Aphex Twin - Avril14 (Remix)

As Sonny:

From First To Last - Emily (Remix)

2007 Edit

As Sonny:

Signal (demo)


Equinox (demo)

Glow Worm (demo)

Copaface (demo)

Copaface (demo Remix)

Mora #2

Concentrical (Acoustic)

Moss (demo)

Mortl / Leopold (demo)

Glow Worm (acoustic) / Glow Worm #2

Mora (demo)

Nodlove (demo)

I know where you are (demo)

Se7en Bells (demo) / Unknown II

CUSP (Electronic demo Mix) / Unknown I

For You (demo) / Bells

Concentricial (demo)

Equinox (Acoustic)

2008 Edit

As Twipz:



Scatting (Eat Shit Disco Rendered 2)

I know who you are (Eat Shit Rendered)

Look Over At That

Come From the Heart

As Sonny:

Float It

Seven Years

Copaface (final Remix)

Signal (Instrumental)

Concentrical (Short Mock Up)

Concentrical (demo Remix 2)

Copaface (final Remix)

As Skrillex:

I Am Skrillex (demo)

I Am Skrillex



2009 Edit


As Sonny :

Cusp (2009 version)

Follow Me (Cloud)

Copaface Remix (2009 Version)

Cusp (Electronic Mix 2009) /Unknown I

For You (2009 Version) /Bells

I know where you are (2009 Version)

Signal (2009 Version)

Se7en Bells (2009 Version)

Copaface (2009 Version)

Concentricial (2009 Version)

Equinox (2009 Version)

Glow Worm (2009 Version)

MortL (2009 Version)

Moss (2009 Version)

Nod Love (2009 Version)

As Skrillex :

Slats Slats Slats : Released on Myspace.

This is a Shark Attack (Skrillex Remix)

2010 Edit

Baby Boy : Unreleased, Appeared On Bitvargen's account as a "Sonny And The Blood Monkeys" track.

Do We Really : Unreleased.

Pop Dance : Unreleased.

Make Things for Smile : Uploaded by Skrillex through SoundCloud.

I Wish You All the Luck of the World : Released on Myspace, contains original samples of With You Friends.

Drop Dead Tune : Unreleased.

Drop Dead (Club Mix) : Released on MySpace.

All I Ask of You (Skrillex 3 Hour Airplane Drumstep Mix) : Performed live, unreleased, leaked in studio.

My Goodbye : Edited version was leaked by Admin of the SkrillexMothership fansite after Skrillex won 3 Grammys at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

Evil as Satan (with Bare Noize) : Demo version of "Scatta" with different production and no Foreign Beggars vocals.

Father Said (ft 12th Planet)

2011 Edit

"ID" [Rio Hotel, Las Vegas, My Name Is Skrillex VIP] : Unreleased, stolen.

"ID" [Star Wars Lasers/I'm Just Trying To] : Unreleased, performed live.

The Disco Rangers Bus (Knows How to Rock 'N' Roll) : Uploaded by Skrillex through SoundCloud, Free download via Facebook.

Needed Change (with 12th Planet) : OWSLA Free Treats Vol. 1, samples vocal from Sonny's "Signal".

Amplifire (ft Diplo)

Cat Rats

True Gangsters / Fricky

Voltage / Cinema

Zoology (ft Knife Party)

Devil’s Nest (ft 12th Planet)

Nothing Yet / San Diego VIP

2012 Edit

Try It Out (featuring Alvin Risk) : Unreleased, played once in a mix on Rinse FM show on 16/01/13.

Trung (featuring Wale) : Leaked on as an Instrumental also featured on an Episode of Goat & Fire.

"ID" Lovers/ Beacuse : Only performed once on 05/05/12 at Forum København. Samples from and is possibly a remix of Figure 8 by Ellie Goulding.

Bug Hunt : Used in the movie Wreck-it Ralph. Noisia Remix released on Wreck-It Ralph OST. Used in a Mexico Mothership Tour video.

Still Getting It VIP : Released on Never Say Die Records' official YouTube channel; VIP made by Foreign Beggars and Skrillex

DnB Ting

Let's Get Down : Demo of Trung without the vocals of Wale.

2013 Edit

Bungle : Played during exclusive Nest Live stream on 21/12/12.

Try It Out (VIP Mix) (featuring Alvin Risk) : Unreleased, played once in a mix on Rinse FM show on 16/01/13.

Puppy : Uploaded by Skrillex through SoundCloud. Unreleased, featured on a G-Star Raw commercial titled "The Art of Raw: The Unlimited Possibilities of Denim

Rock 'N' Roll (VIP Mix) : Debuted at Ultra Music Festival at an unannounced Back to Back with Alvin Risk and Porter Robinson during Alvin Risk's Ultra Set Weekend 1

Bangarang (VIP Mix) : Debuted at Eclipse on 26/05/13.

Untitled DJ Tool [This Much Power] : All Is Fair and Love Brostep Demo. Debuted at Eclipse as the second drop of Rock n Roll VIP, track samples Voltage, updated version premièred in Sonny's Radio 1 Essential Mix on 15/06/13.

Kyoto (VIP Mix) : Debuted at Reading Festival on 23/08/13.

"ID" [Lion's Roar / Jurassic] : Debuted at Coachella 2013. Also played at Cocoricò on 15/06/2013. Updated version with 3/4 second drop premièred at Reading Festival on 23/08/13. (Possible Dog Blood track).

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